Tips to Find the Best Moving Company in Sacramento

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to move your belongings, consider doing it yourself. Especially during the peak moving season in July and August, you can expect a lower rate. You can also save money by downsizing your possessions. By moving fewer things, you’ll reduce the overall weight of your move. Here are some tips to find the best Moving company in Sacramento like Budget Hauling:

Cost of hiring

Depending on your needs, you can hire a budget hauling company for less than $100 per hour. The cost of hiring an individual to load the truck varies, depending on how far the move is and what you’re moving. If you’re moving a large amount, a two-man crew might run about $30 per hour, while additional trucks can save you money. Budget Hauling Inc Moving can consult with you and determine what services you’ll need, as well as the distances involved, to provide you with the most cost-effective quote.

Full-service moving

If you need a full-service moving company, you should opt for full-service moving. These companies are insured and provide the best protection for your belongings during transit. Moreover, they will also take care of all the logistics, including packing, unpacking, and rearranging your home. This will give you a stress-free moving experience, removing any possibility of mishaps along the way.

Specialty services

The specialty services at Budget Hauling include vehicle towing, temperature-controlled shipping, and roadside assistance. Every shipment has its own specific temperature requirements and rates are accordingly adjusted. Because temperature-controlled loads are not typically shipped, the movers and haulers that handle these loads must be equipped with special equipment and know the correct dimensions of each load. In addition, accurate measurements are important when planning routes and permits. Budget Hauling can meet all of these demands.


If you are moving, you might consider purchasing supplemental liability insurance, also known as Safestor Mobile. These policies provide protection for items in your U-Box moving containers. In addition, Budget offers three types of protection: Complete Protection Package, Choice Protection Package, and Value Protector. Roadside SafetyNet is available in most U.S. locations and provides roadside assistance. Value Protection Package provides roadside assistance and physical damage waiver.


Before renting a vehicle from Budget Hauling, you need to check the license requirement. Budget requires that its drivers have a valid license. Renters may be surprised to find that this requirement does not apply to cargo vans. Cargo vans are perfect for local jobs. Budget is licensed to transport vehicles up to 14 tons. These vehicles are equipped with GPS systems and other useful features. Moreover, they are equipped with extra features like GPS tracking and satellite radio.


While there are plenty of Budget Hauling reviews online, they don’t paint a particularly rosy picture. Customers complain about rude and unhelpful customer service, dirty trucks, and slow response times from roadside assistance. Of course, reviews online tend to be more critical. But is this a good sign? The answer depends on where you’re moving. If you’re moving long-distance, Budget may be the company to call.


If you’re looking for an affordable moving company┬áin Sacramento, California, Budget Hauling Inc. is a good place to start. With over 35 years of experience, they provide comprehensive moving services, while still remaining reasonably priced. If you have a large home that requires more than one man, a two-man crew will cost you about $60-150 per hour. If you need three men to handle the move, the cost will be considerably higher.

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